Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Day Full of Noms

The eve of armageddon. Nothing really exciting... Well, not like it IS suppose to...but...atleast something right? Oh wells... That just proves nothing is nothing is happening. The gospel hasn't gone out yet. The Lord ain't coming back yet. He is anticipating though. And I shouldn't be slacking.

Anyways, today was a day full of noms as per title. This blog had been filled with I-can't-see-tomorrow posts that it's getting so bleak and bleary that even I shun it. My procrastination in publishing posts doesn't help either. These are suppose to be 'letters to future me'! What does pathetic posts like such do to future me?! I'm an idiot. Aaand, I am still writing that 3rdwave post. Half a month has gone by... Procrastination at its best!

ANYWAYS, today was a good day. It was a day of food. Well, not EXTRA-ordinarily good, I've been eating my way to today, but today's noms were different. I've got that feeling I should put something up,

Vicky, Sui Chin and I, along with two others, we went to Midvalley. Nothing special, but upon arrival we stuffed ourselves with Snowflake-that glorious dessert. NOM! Next, off to Sushi Zanmai. My second take at that chain. Beautiful, beautiful food. I took no photos and have no copies of them either; but they were beautiful. Pleasant to the eye as well to the taste buds. NOMNOM!

With bloated stomachs, what else to do at a mall if not fashion shopping? Mango's 50% sounds inviting. And there we were, flipping through limp cloth, but Borders next to Zanmai attract me more. Less crowd, better air, less hassle. The way I like it. However, time waits for none. Couldn't have my sweet time there. We have something planned for the night. We have to hurry up. Chop chop through the clothes. But RM9 basic tees at PDI was a steal. Two for me, seven Sui Chin and Vicky a whooping nine! Family.

Winter solstice's drawing near. Or passed. But who say being in dorm, being late or early restricts us from the tradition? Food tradition to be exact. For me at least. A few items from Carrefour and we're on our way back. Heavy rain upon arrival on dormitory grounds does not hinder me from taking a quick shower and walking over to P3, the block where the others are at.

What can be called 'our dinner' was all sweets. Almost. Filled glutinous rice balls in soy base, mango pudding to wash it down, cheese franks and cherry tomatoes for greens...or reds. Dinner! Simple yet heart-warming. Over at friends', eating, talking nothingness... Though due to my speech I get ignored a lot but all was good. Better than being in my room, facing the monitor, either assignments or drama. My social life out the window. Senior roomies have course mates all over the dorm; Indian roomie, out or giggling to her phone, singing odd tunes or bringing friends in for chats when you're sleeping. That loud, high pitch Tamil chatter. O-EM-GEE!! Not being racist or anything but it's just her... Why have people in when I'm just next to your bunk trying to turn in early? It's not like you can't see me sleeping... Okay. Imma save it for another entry. Sheesh! Why spoil this?

Anyways, noms are all good. I think I can just succumb to gluttony-one of the seven deadly sins. Now I understand MinFood relationship. Might consider being a MinFood shipper too. Hah! Stuffing your face in stress, in joy, in hunger... So much reasons to eat! Good food! And it's in abundance too! But my appetite's gonna break my poor dad's back. Not that he's anywhere near but I should to something to eat on my own.

"To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals" - Benjamin Franklin
Came from a doctor. PhD. Medical? I'm not sure. So he still should know best right? With his wits.

Peace out.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Surreal Weekend 2 - Meeting 3rdwave, Brian Joo and Alexander

Who would have thought I'd be meeting 3rdwave, Brian and Xander one day? I wouldn't, although I do hope for it...

I definitely did not expect that day to come so soon. It was really a pleasant surprise how the events turned out to be-like an early Christmas present. My first, and the awesomest (most awesome).
So I met up with Joy and all throughout the journey to the event venue, we were spazzing, trying to keep our excitement. Well, at least I knew I were.

We alighted at Kelana Jaya station and had a short walk to a.... ...residential area... It was drizzling. And we weren't sure where were we. Not good... Asked around the shop-lots and no one knew where Plaza Moyang was! Double not good... *sigh* Nevertheless, we kept moving and met a police car. Asked directions, and it happened to be just higher up the slope. We'd never expect Lincolin university to be in the middle of a residential area!

Got there, bought CDs and were seated at the Vee-Ah-Pee (VIP) seats babeh! Thanks Joy for the quick thinking.

Flashing lights came on, emcees went up and down, kids from the orphanage did some cool numbers and the stage went dark again. Guitar riffs started playing. The intro to 'I Stand'. Silhouette of a person came striding on stage. The lights came on and there Brian was! Along with pastor Johnny leading the 3rdwave band. They played and sang, and we in the audience just sat back and enjoyed the performance. I didn't have my camera with me so no fuss about capturing the moment. Did try with phone camera though but couldn't get decent stuffs. Better not be bothered and keep the moments printed in the head.
After a few numbers, they all went backstage and surfaced a few moments later. Came in Brian and PJ with some short ments before introducing their last and youngest member on stage. Xander came hopping onto stage with the Gangnam horse dance. He's really into that dance I think cause he just pop into that hopping dance whenever he thinks is appropriate. Cute dude he is.

The night flew by and soon the ushers went on stage to set up the tables for the AUTOGRAPH SESSION!!! YAY!!! WE GET TO SEE THEM UP CLOSE!!! AND SHINSHIP!!! OMGOMGOMG!!!
Joy and I were churning our brains to how to get a real close shot when they were signing. But when it came to be our turn, with our cameras ready, we were told that no photography were allowed. *sigh* Oh wells... And they wouldn't do name signs either!! T.T *wails* I want a name sign!! *throws tantrum in my head*

***conti-ed AGES later 7.10.13***
After our turn, we wouldn't give up on getting a good close shot of them so we stood in front of the stage (so much for worship concert huh? Sad...) and glued our eyes and lenses at them. Somehow, I like Brian more that night... So humble... Or Brian changed my perspective of him that night-not that it was bad initially but probably cause he was older? From the first generation of idols? I mean, I entered kpopdom when the 2nd or 3rd generation is at their peek (IF i didn't get the generation timeline wrong...nyways, entered in late 2007 so you know). Xander was cold or distant... Maybe tired? (someone shouted 'excuses' in my head and booed at him...but it's all good. I mind slapped the voice).

*Things happened during the signing and some memories had faded...but my brian will I shall not write it out.*

At the end of the signing, when they are saying their goodbyes, Xander and Brian fooled around...and I was so close to a photo of it... It's in my phone and laptop and facebook... Brain, if this blog is Dear Diary, I'll know it... So I'll skip the details...or till the next time I feel like editing this...probably another year later.

That's all.

Ps. Pardon me for my uncontrolled Virginia Woolf writing.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Surreal Weekend 1 - Journey of Faith

Who knows what's gonna pop up in life? Nobody! Only God knows. And God is good. He's an awesome God!

So after seeing my previous angry and mad-at-everything-everyone posts, one might thought I'd never see daylight here. Or that was what I thought... But praise the Lord! He is good!

I couldn't thank Him enough for His arrangement for me. Although to some, especially some saints, it might seem that I am chasing after worldly things... But all throughout this journey, I felt, I was really trusting on Him.

Firstly, leaving campus and jaunting alone to the heart of the city, I had friends advising me against it. A complex place Bukit Bintang area is. Piercing stares at vulnerable looking targets and I am definitely in that target as gullible as I am. To make it worse, my navigation skills are at the top of the reversal.
Then having an 8 pm show, predicted by the time the session ends, it would be late. Impossible for me to travel alone back to hostel, like it or not, I need to find an accommodation. So I hooked up with Joy, a friend I've met online, and we've known each other for years. Now, who says we can't trust cyber friends? Fandom friends are the best!

I know you must've started thinking how foolish I am and what a foolish thing I'm doing. Only words exchange through social media sites and texts, Facebook photos and had never met. An idea of a lunatic! Especially with all the cases happening in the world, I still am so naive to put my safely out there, risking to meet them.

Of course I had my doubts, if not I wouldn't have these sentences, they had been in my head since the beginning. Consulted my friends, my sister... My worries were shown. Was at the verge of giving up on seeing them. But prayer became my courage... Plans were that after the event, I would follow her home, which coincidentally was the week she goes back to her parents place, is where I shall spend the night. I prayed to the Lord that I'd be in good hands, His and theirs... I had nothing else but faith.. I've never felt so vulnerable. I only had Him.

Now, doubts and worries aside, it was really a blessing how it happened. It was a lazy night where I was taking my zillionth break from my books and reaching for the phone, I chanced upon a giveaway contest by KAvenyou. '25 fastest fingers to share the event photo and tag KAvenyou' wins. I'd never expect myself to be in the fastest 25. Especially not after the slow loading and KAvenyou's status update 'We've found our 25 winners just within 5 minutes!' which was updated 10 minutes ago... What chances do I have? Nevertheless, I still checked out the winners' list out of curiosity. And there I am, number 21 if my memory serves me well... OH WOW! I've won a pair of tickets to see 3rdwave's Ignite Kpop Charity Concert 2012! I was shocked! And surprised! And excited! How could I not be? I'd be meeting Brian Joo and Alexander!!!

It was just surreal.. =)