Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I've been suppressing emotions physically for so long till I feel so foreign to tears. There are times when you let it flow to keep your sanity but I can't even do it now. I envy the girls in dramas where their tears flow as they like. My eyes are just dry. Even with stimulation. Even when my heart is in a confusing mess.
I'm stuck in this numb stupor.

Monday, November 26, 2012

KKB Bakti Siswa - The Awesomest Thing Ever

Imma be REAL frank in this post.. I ain't gonna sensor no shit I'm sayin. Been holding back and biting my tongue for too long. You've fuckking crossed the fuckking line.

First things first. For all you know, a wedding comes only once for a person. Unless you with your 'hak keistimewaan' can do it for another three fucking times. So normally, we only do it once. And I had to miss this witnessing fucking FOREVER!!!!

Now, when you say that Bakti Siswa (baksis) is compulsory for Kokurikulum Berkredit (KKB), I respect your words although we're doing shit during that precious three hours on a Saturday. Kemahiran Insaniah to be taught in a classroom like Moral Studies-does nothing to us expect wasting time. That's just NOT the ways to be teaching these stuffs..! I'm not even sure if these stuffs can be thought like that...

Then I just HAD to be slotted in this class where the megaproject involves going out...FAR.. You couldn't man up and set the date so you had dates changing back and fro. First I thought I had to miss my mid-sem break for this... Well, of course I was glad when I get to go home, but I had my mind prepared to go without! Such mental preparations aren't easy to make for someone as green as me.

Due to this, I couldn't make LOADS of my decisions. Libra are fickle folks but NOT to this extent! I had to keep saying 'hold that spot for me, I can't confirm yet' and shit like that. I've got to tell the bride you know! They have to fuckking plan for how things are gonna go!

The most pathetic thing is that we don't even have a fuckking approval yet! WHATDAFAK!!! So tell me, if eventually we still don't have that approval, are we gonna man up and go ahead or be that fuckking headless chicken and cancel the whole fuckking thing??!!

... ... ...

Well, atleast someone could have warned me I'd have no life for one semester before I sign up for this shit.

M&Ms peace out,

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Depressing is when my non-existant waist becomes bulging.. Not a pretty picture...I know.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Am I....?

Am I a lousy friend?
Am I a complainer?
Am I a hub of negative energy for you?
Am I... ...that lousy?
Just, am I?

I am critical.
I am a perfectionist.
I am annoyingly vocal at negative stuffs.

But, I am just shy.
I am just trying to protrct myself.
I am just not letting my emotions flow.

This is my hide... ...I'm just trying to protect myself.