Saturday, December 28, 2013

footprints in the sand

In the red sunset
Walking hand in hand
My white dress and your black suit
Laughter in the salty air
Leaving footprints in the sand.

Between white satin sheets
Waking next to you
Fiery passion of the morning             
The warmth of our embrace
Leaving footprints in the sand.

Then a stork passed by and
All was joy but
Till one day,
A fight broke.
It wasn't just about two any more.

Mad hatter: Mad about hats!

Of many things that I keep tabs on, hats, nowadays, has raised to the top of my obsession list.

My current obsession would be bowler hats!
The indecisiveness of a Libra, I couldn't bring myself to choose between the plain ones or the ones with a moulded cat ear. Like a fad, the cat ears might come and go. And not to forget, the colours. My top picks would be black and burgundy. Or maybe camel or ivory. Not to forget, i can't decide to actually get it or not.

Cash or product.
Choose one style.
Pick one colour.

I am not rich. I can't have multiples of the same item.

And I have no idea why am I composing this when I should be reading. And my English is bad. And I do feel bad.

(Self bashing on the internet. Bravo Denise, Bravo)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hobnobbly Hiddles

I have to admit, that along with the rest of the internet, I too, have jump on the Tom Hiddleston bandwagon. *giggles* Such charming eyes and smile he's got hasn't he?

Now, the reason I'm writing this is due to this little argument I have, with myself, in my head: is Tom Hiddleston really the bad guy people say he is? and I shall call him Hiddles from nows on.

Hiddles play Loki in 3 Marvel movies. Loki's the God of Mischief. He's the antagonist, although not main. Bad guy. I get it, Loki's the bad guy. But, is Hiddles the bad guy too?

Hiddles plays Loki, folks like Loki, Loki's got Hiddles' face because Hiddles plays Loki! After all that equation people get Hiddles a bad boy that women loves? I mean, I'm terrible at math but after all that equating, they come to that conclusion? That's terrible mathematics folks.

I personally, don't like Hiddles because he's the "bad boy that women loves". I like him because he's a nice guy. I think he's a really nice person. I've seen him in a few interviews (and in fandom, that means the whole internet) and he's lovely! He's the perfect blend of charm, kindness, wit and fun (and probably a few more characteristics and adjectives to throw in there but I'll just stop at four.)

First off, Hiddles is trained classically. He knows his Shakespeare and he is passionate about these 'boring old stuffs' too! No bad boy like these kinda stuff, they think they're too tough! I might be slightly biased cause I'm a lit major but he knows what he's talking about. He even made references to the theories! It's like revision when I'm looking at him. (I'm Asian. It's all about CGPAs on this side of the world.)

Next, he is quick and funny. Witty. Smart. And have fancy words up his sleeves too. Effortless for him to describe, which makes him funny, and smart, and the circle goes on.

Then, his laugh.

And, he is kind, and gentlemanly. He knows his etiquette.

Last but not, he loves tea! I love tea too! (Can I get a high5?) And from here he goes on talking about HobNob with a string on delicate yet beautiful descriptive words.

In conclusion, he's a nice guy.

This is probably a more absurd equation to prove Hiddles' a nice guy.

And this is silly, you know I wrote this post for the sake of writing about Hiddles.

You know, after all that, I forgot my original intention of writing this. I wanted to say that Hiddles made Loki his and him and to some extent, Hiddles is bad too, Loki's Hiddles' alter ego.

Confusing? I've confused myself too. Refer to last sentence above "Edit". There you go. Byes.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What are Dreams made of?

if dreams are
secret desires, hidden
and ignored
by the conscience
due to society's
then, I
want you.

Monday, October 21, 2013

I remember: Mornings

I remember the days
Where 5 slept in one room.
5.45 the alarm sound
Its shrill and urgent call.
I continue to log,
In annoyance, in pretense,
In desperste attempts,
To not depart Dreamland.

The rustle of linen and
A gentle voice,
A gentle nudge,
"Jasper, Denise, Kerry,
It's time for school.
Wakey, wakey."
Would be his usual call.

On special occasions,
Verbally, he would
Plan out our future,
What he envisioned of us.

"You will leave high school,
Graduate from university,
Wear that square hat,
And that business suit,
And the veil..."
That was mine.


I remember the days
Where pots and pans clank,
Before day break.
Earlier than the birds,
Or the Sun,
Breakfast was on its way.

The last clank of the pots and
A gentle call,
A gentle reminder,
"Jasper, Denise, Kerry,
Eat your breakfast.
If not you'll be hungry.
Would be her usual nag.

On special occasions,
Diligently, she would
Lay our morning meal,
Our ultimate nemesis, Eggs.

"You will eat them and
It will be good
For your brain,
Your memory..."
While we struggle to swallow.

Prose of Gay

Once I tried to write a prose of gay,
Not of bliss,
But of love,
But after the first page it was nay.

Cause they made eyes mist,
Not of joy,
But of loathe,
When the boys kiss.

"Love is beautiful"
People said.
Feeling mirthful,
When they mate.

Yet when mates of
Same sex comes together,
They become bitter and
It is a put off, taboo.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

unknown knowing

how well do you know me?
how well do i know myself?


Sunday, September 29, 2013


By the window I sat,
Watching as people passes.
Locked in this room,
My solitude, none understood.

Housing my fears,
An aiding hand never given.
Exterior appearances should not be trusted,
As the smile I wore is not true.
Running away does not solve,
The ultimate enemy is me.

This is a poem I wrote years ago, probably form 5 or in the form 6s. I wrote this as an analysis while I was tackling my issues. Sound tad crude, but I don't wanna change it. Let it be. This was me.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

what I did

I deleted my past blog posts.
That's what I did.
Some pretty awesome stuffs...
They went too...
Guess I was pretty brave...
Or just really stupid.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Back to Your Roots

We live in a fast pace world. Things change without us noticing. We change.

When we reach success, save it as a checkpoint and go back to your roots. Reflect. Reminisce. Moving forward is good but looking back once in a while keeps you humble, grounded. Too much success drowns.

They say adolescence and young adulthood is confusing, that you don't find yourself till 30 or late. Well, I think childhood IS you. Adolescence and young adulthood is you trying to adapt to society, difficult because you are trying to filter what you like and what you don't, but what you don't like might just be the very thing they're trying to instill into us; and when you reach it, it is society in you and you are far from the original you.

Are you conformed or are you still you?

P.S. Change is good but change for a better you; not be molded by others.

Stay rooted,

Monday, August 19, 2013


What I ignored of my mom, I heard it from the older brothers these days... and it struck me, I had been living my life like crap.

"You reap what you sow..."

It's about time I change...

Elle me dit
Qu'est-ce tu fous sur Internet ?
Ca va pas bien dans ta tête
Regarde le temps que tu perds

Pourquoi tu gâches ta vie?

Elle me dit_Mika

Friday, May 17, 2013

A Reaction

As I replay past conversations in my head, this particular exchange struck me and I ponder what caused this reaction and why. Now, hear me out:

A coursemate was struggling in our course and was comtemplating on a switch. While it might or might not be a successful transfer, she draws out a Plan B: to drop out and learn a skill; preferably in the field of nail art and daint beauty.

Now, what caught my attention in my memories was that I was shocked at such a bold statement and there were a conscious effort to control my expression and picking carefully words of my reply. Why was there an effort to control my expression and words? Why am I shocked? Why did it caused such aa reaction?

You see, I come from a family whose parents, I believe, to be a tad traditional. Hereby I mean children are put under high expectations, study hard, graduate and a job with a good pay which will give you a reputation and aquaintances of similar status. Sort of like in the Elizabethan Era and Victorian or any other society. Except class movement are a little less rigid. Upward moves are allowed, providing that the individual is willing to sacrifice time, youth, joy and sunshine to get to the top. On top of that, I'm chinese. So it will be like 'little Denise, you have to study hard and honour our family name'. Well, not literally, my parents don't say that, but, you get my idea...

Dropping out from school and suppressing surprise. Why? I am well aware of people, although most are of above average intelligence, dropping out of school and be successful. Well, success is an objective and vague term. Some may argue the defination of success. So let me rephrase, folks dropping out of school and making fortune. There! It's money again. The people of this age is so materialistic that at the end of the day, money is the main issue again.

I guess that's what cause that reaction. A skill, especially in nail art, it seems payed on the surface. Without the multiples of clients a day and whatnots. What was installed in my head since young was that only good education will bring you furthur. Sure, good education adds boosts to our leaps, but skills, it solidifies our steps. We might not go about bounding and leaping with skills, but it's like a solid ground beneath every step. Isn't it?

If you ponder on it, books and skills, books are just words and theories--far from real life; and skills are, well, skills! Readily applicable in the occupational world! Isn't it?

Well, my hypothesis (if I may put it this way) and deductions might not be most agreeable, but it is open for debate. I'm a person of books and word-for I major in literature, a subject of fantasy and disregarded by many, (I've seen their scrunched expression upon recieving the knowledge, so, I know) so yeah! Leave some words!


Friday, April 5, 2013

Respect the Boundary

There are two things I am absolutely very sensitive about right now.

ONE. My hair. Especially when the natural curls are out.

TWO. My recent failed Korea trip.

Any mentions of these that I find insulting, watch our relationship turn sour.

If you were me, you’d know how my natural curls gave me a really bad time during my late high school period. The curls are in my genetics and therefore, I am programmed to be sensitive about it. Nuff said.

Now, regarding my failed Korea trip, there’s a lot more behind it…

Anyone who knows me knows that I SHIP this land of plastic surgery. The announcement of the Korea trip sent me over the moon. I worked hard researching and planning the tour itinerary, learn how to expect the harsh Korean winter, learning the basic tourist Korean, food, transport, shopping, etc. It was my first time; planning and visiting Korea.

I spent my December and January reading up on all those information. KTO, blogs, yahoo answers, Youtube, more blogs… But there’s only so much I can know and remember. How does one be fully prepared for something she never experienced before? I do not have much guidance except from the internet. Tonnes of information but vague… Extremely vague. “Winter is harsh and cold in Korea.” How cold is cold? And how harsh is harsh? I watched in Running Man that they shivered in the bitter cold wind but how cold is it? “-16 celcius” Look sister, I come from a tropical country of Malaysia and all my life, all that I’ve seen were sun and rain. The coldest I’ve ever felt would be when the air conditioning was set to the lowest temperature and that probably would be 18 celcius? Thick padded windbreakers and white winter wonderland was all I had in mind. And thoughts can’t be felt by the skin.

Seoul’s subway system was amazing… …-ly complex. It was efficient. But complex. In Malaysia, KL, we have our commuters, monorails, LRTs. It is okay, can’t say it is bad, but I bet the upstairs people are “trying” to improve things. Our rail systems, it is funny. Well, they are not interlinked. To change commuters to LRTs, we have to change station. It is pathetic. Nuff said. So when I got my hands on a Seoul subway map, imagine the shock. Saw it a gazillion times on Google image but the physical map is still different. It felt like efficiency IN YO FACE! Such a huge leap from the local public transport to the public transport there. Good thing my brother’s experience navigating through Melbourne metro shortened our time being lost underground.

Gift giving and souvenirs. I live a mundane life and I do not believe in the practice of gift giving and souvenirs. My concept of these practices is pretty similar to that of Sheldon Cooper’s. I will not take initiative of the hassle of estimating what you might like, buying it and wrapping it in fancy paper with a bow on top, unless, you mean that much to me where I take it personally to care. On your side, if you like that activity and wish to surprise me, be my guest, but take note that I expect you to not expect anything in return other than a thank you and a set of genuinely happy eyes looking back at you.
Shopping in Seoul. I had a great time browsing through the endless racks of clothes, shoes, bags, merchandise and stuffs but to buy them is a tad tricky. Words of many were that if you ever visit Korea, be sure to haggle A LOT and stuffs are EXTREMELY cheap. Well, yeah. I heard those, I read those. But note that they are folks from the US, UK, Europe, Japan, Singapore, etc but Malaysia. Less from Malaysia. Dude! Do you realize how much we are losing on our side of currency? To be thrifting on a vacation doesn’t feel nice. I’d like to be shipping hordes of fashionables back home but we ain’t rich. We get stuffs for the family, yes, but extras, sometimes we really just can’t. Well, maybe my dad can, but I can’t. I just can’t anymore.

Falling sick for 3 days. Out of an eight-day trip. Do you know how that felt? Especially for me, after all my effort researching, my hopes, my expectation. It was just awful. However, it wasn’t something that can not be controlled nor foresaw. My disappointment and bitterness could not be measured with anything before this.

There could be more, but I really don’t wanna be recalling all this crap anymore. So sister, your words, “白痴,有去相没去”, you are rubbing salt on my still fresh wounds. It’s uncomfortable.

Mock my height and my dressing but this of Seoul, do it more, and I might just shove a chainsaw up your pathetic ass.

You have been warned.