Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mad hatter: Mad about hats!

Of many things that I keep tabs on, hats, nowadays, has raised to the top of my obsession list.

My current obsession would be bowler hats!
The indecisiveness of a Libra, I couldn't bring myself to choose between the plain ones or the ones with a moulded cat ear. Like a fad, the cat ears might come and go. And not to forget, the colours. My top picks would be black and burgundy. Or maybe camel or ivory. Not to forget, i can't decide to actually get it or not.

Cash or product.
Choose one style.
Pick one colour.

I am not rich. I can't have multiples of the same item.

And I have no idea why am I composing this when I should be reading. And my English is bad. And I do feel bad.

(Self bashing on the internet. Bravo Denise, Bravo)

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